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MBA 4.0 - Your way to get a full german master degree

Our MBA 4.0 Study Program combines a classical Master of Business Administration with modern Industry 4.0 topics. This new and worldwide unique program gives you all the knowledge you need to make the smartest decisions in the modern, globalised, digitalised and interconnected business environments. Start your study when it suits you the best (January, April, Juli or October) and study at your own pace. At the end of this program you will get a German Master degree, enabling you to get a 6 month job seeking VISA to Germany to find a job in the European Union using our Job Placement Platform.

1 year
of distance learning in the weekdays evening hours

Things you'll learn

General Business Administration

Get an overview on the management cycle. Learn everything about the Micro and Makro Environments (political, legal, economical, sociocultural & technological frameworks), about leading a company (goals, strategies and leadership, corporate governance & business goals), strategic analysis and strategic planning, Human Resource Management and the Control of processes (service creation and exploitation, operational service creation process, material management, procurement and logistics).

Strategic Management

Learn everything about the concept of strategy and its relevance for management, analytical tools for strategic management, types of strategies, implementing strategies (change management), Market- & Resource-based view, evolutional theoretic approach, strategic performance management, strategic goals and balanced scorecard, ideas of man and strategic management, views on organisations and organisational culture, functional strategies, outsourcing strategies, blue ocean strategies & evolutionary organisations.

Human capital Management

Learn everything about Strategic Personnel Management, e.g. strategic management of human resources, talent management, evaluating and assessing intangible assets, developing human capital, managing knowledge, succession planning, methods for improving human performance. Do a case study for Human Capital Management and learn everything about different approaches for evaluating intangible assets, the Saarbrucken Formula, methods for measuring human capital, tangible and intangible assets and core competencies of an organisation and their impact on the success of the business.

Industry 4.0

Learn everything about Industry 4.0, e.g., Customer Relationship- and Experience-Management, Inter-Connectivity, Big Data Analytics & Augmented Reality Technology, IoT & Edge Computing for System Architecture, the architecture and core IoT modules, non-IP & IP based WPAN and WLANLong range communication systems and protocols (WAN)Industrial IoT (data flow and devices, cyber security, OEM cloud, AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT, etc.), Industrial Systems Integration (Legacy of automation systems, modern automation systems, system components & integration, Ethernet and TCP/IP in industrial networks, etc.).


Learn everything about Market and Industry Analysis (tasks & institutions of market research, primary & secondary statistical data collection, market research in industrial, trading and service companies), Strategic Marketing (development stages, terms and characteristics, appearance forms, Marketing Management Process, Integrated Marketing, Situation Analysis, Strategic analysis methods, market choice & development strategies) and Operational Marketing (Product, Communication, Pricing and Distribution Policy, Brand & Sales Management, Customer Service Management, Marketing Controlling).


Learn everything about the nature and tasks of accounting, e.g. basic concepts and technique of double-entry bookkeeping, sales tax, inventories, payment transactions, accruals, fixed assets, receivables revenues, the fundamentals of commercial law financial statements, general valuation principles, valuation of assets and liabilities. Get an introduction to international accounting, e.g. International Financial Reporting (Fundamentals, objectives and key accounting principles, components of the financial statements, annual financial statements, selected recognition issues) and annual accounts analysis (content and objectives, qualitative and quantitative analysis).

Financial Management & Corporate Decisions

Learn everything about Financial Investments (policy of financial investments, methods of calculating investments, value benefit analysis, evaluation of financial investments, return and risks related to financial investments), the Raise of Capital (financial decisions and the general aims of the business, classification of various types of raise of capital, equity financing, financing on credit, Mezzanine capital, self financing, provisions), Corporate Governance and Investor Relations, Founding of a company and Entrepreneurship (business plan, financial assistance for founders, legal structure of a company, context of ownership and management, management in the life cycle, financial crisis and restructuring, succession planning).

German Language

Knowledge of German increases your job opportunities with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad. Proficiency in German helps you to function productively for an employer with global business connections. German is the second most commonly used scientific language. Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development and offers research fellowships to scientists from abroad.

Learn German with our highly qualified and GOETHE accredited German Teachers. We offer German language courses in the level beginner (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1), depending on your starting level of German language.

What you need

A Bachelor Degree

To be enrolled you need to have a Bachelor Degree of any discipline.

1 year of work experience

At the moment of enrolment you need to have at least one year of work experience (internships count).

english language

You need to have at least a B2 level of English (>5.5 IELTS / TOEFL>72) to be enrolled into this program.

Who we are

Our MBA 4.0 Professors

Our MBA 4.0 costumers


You just finished your Bachelor degree, got first working experiences and looking for a way to accelerate your career? Then the MBA 4.0 program is the right choice for you!


You are already working for a few years and would like to extend your knowledge to get a better paid position in your company or looking to apply for a new job in Europe? Then this program is the right choice for you!


You want your employees to make smarter decisions so your business can prosper? Then its time to upgrade them with this new and worldwide unique MBA 4.0 program!

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No hidden extra costs! Payable in 10 monthly instalments of 580 EUR. Get additional discounts if you refer other students to join the program!

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